Every Senior Care Development, LLC (SCD) project is planned and built to exacting standards of quality that only the finest private development companies can hope to achieve. Being privately held frees us to build for our own portfolio in our own way. We are not in business to turn a fast profit or to "flip" properties. Nor do we share public companiesí preoccupation with hitting their quarterly numbers every time—a concern that leads to shortcuts in the planning and development process and limits the expenditure necessary to build premium communities.

SCD, on the contrary, builds for the long term and takes no shortcuts. Our farsightedness is evident in our use of superior quality construction materials such as stone, steel, and concrete. SCD projects are never "stick built," but rather are framed in light gauge steel. We use wood siding, not vinyl. Individual apartments feature balconies or decks, gas fireplaces, full kitchens, washer-dryers, state-of-the-art fire protection systems, and other extras. We both build our communities for the long term and hold them for the long term, with a 15-plus year average duration of ownership. We also create construction timelines that encourage orderly progress and accountability and go to great lengths to pre-plan how our senior living communities will fit compatibly into the surrounding community.

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